The NSW Nearshore Wave Forecast Tool has been tested in popular web browsers, however some users may encounter issues. Please mail us with your feedback.
Answers and instructions for commonly encountered issues are provided as follows:

The web page partially loads or does not load at all

The website contains a lot of data and users with slow internet connections may experience poor performance. Please be patient, and consider zooming to a smaller section of coast before clicking on the "REFRESH" button. If you are using a non-standard web browser or mobile device, try loading the website in a commonly used web browser or on a standard desktop or laptop computer.

There are no wave arrows in the map window field of view

The tool is only available for NSW coastal waters, please ensure that the map view is zoomed to an area of coastal NSW and click "REFRESH". If you still do not see any wave arrows, try selecting "10m & 30m contour" from the drop-down "Contour" menu below the date and time, and click "REFRESH" – this will show wave arrows along the 10m and 30m water depth contours for the current map view. If you still encounter an error, try adjusting the selected date, time and zoom level, again clicking the "REFRESH" button to process any adjustments.

All of the wave arrows are black and point north

The tool relies on real-time data transmission from the offshore Waverider buoy network to provide input data for recent and current days. Occasionally the data transmission process is interrupted due to weather or instrument servicing, and no input data will be available. In that case, the tool will show black arrows for the area of coastline nearest to the affected buoy/s. Try zooming out to a wider area of coast and click the "REFRESH" button to see if data for other locations is available. Alternatively you can check the recent status of individual Waverider buoys on the MHL website. If you still encounter issues the website data may be in the process of refreshing, and you should try again at a later time.

The time series plot doesn't show data for the full seven day window

Where there have been interruptions to the Waverider buoy real-time data transmission, the time series plot may not show the full records for wave parameters that have been transformed from the observed offshore data (Hsm, Dm, Tpm). It should be noted that time series for those parameters will only ever extend to the current day and time. This should not impact the time series plots for wave parameters that are based on the offshore wave forecast (Hsf, Df, Tpf).

What measurement units are used to report the wave conditions?

The website describes nearshore wave conditions at each location in standard terms of significant wave height (Hs) in metres, peak wave period (Ts) in seconds, and wave direction (D) in degrees from true north.

Can I download the nearshore wave data shown on the website?

Yes. The links shown in the sidebar below the 'Download Plot Data' header allow users to download in text format the data shown on the Height & Direction and Period time series plots. By selecting a wave arrow of interest and clicking 'Plot Data' in the pop-up box, users can update the times series plots for a location of interest and then download the plot data using the provided links.